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Lulach was the step-son of Macbeth and succeeded him on the Scottish throne. His mother was Gruoch, grand-daughter of King Kenneth III, whose first husband, Lulach's father, was Gillecomgain, the Mormaer of Moray. Lulach was born around 1032CE; he was crowned in August 1057, after Macbeth's death, but was killed the following year. He was known as "the Simple" which may reflect a popular impression that he was a weak king.

His wife was the daughter if the mormaer of Angus, they had a son, Maelsnectan, who retired to a monastery, and a daughter, who married a chieftain named Aedh or Eathelred, a son of Malcolm Canmore, and Earl of Fife. One of his sons, Dubh, succeeded him in the Earldom; a second, Malcolm, became Earl of Moray and Ross (a title also descending from Macbeth and his father Findlaech).

His short reign does not appear to have generated any notable historical incident before his death and Malcolm's succession.

Lulach's death marked the passing of the purely Celtic kings of Scotland -- Malcolm being half-English, through his mother, Sybil who came from the earls of Northumberland.

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