Dun Or

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Dun Or
Per pale azure and Or, a tower within a laurel wreath, a bordure counterchanged.
Founded: A.S. XXVII
In Kingdom: Caid
Baron: Colyn mac Labhruinn
Baroness: Muiriath mac Labhruinn
Modern location
Lancaster / Palmdale area, California

Dun Or is an SCA Barony of the Kingdom of Caid mundanely located in Lancaster / Palmdale area, California.


The Barony of Dun Or was founded by Tuvor Sabledrake & Doria Tecla on October 17th, 1992. Dun Or began in 1984 and was originally a Canton of the Barony of Altavia.

Major Events

  • Dun Or Aniversary: Anniversary of the the day that Dun Or became a Barony
  • Darkwell War: War with a theme of rebellion. The details of which change from year to year.
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