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Sable, a cockroach tergiant within a laurel wreath and on a chief embattled argent, a pomme.
Founded: A.S. XX
In Kingdom: East
Seneschal: Lady Alienor Salton
Modern location
Manhattan, New York, NY.

The Canton of Appleholm is an SCA branch defined by the borders of the mundane County of New York (Manhattan Island along with adjacent islands and Marble Hill). It is a canton of the Crown Province of Ostgardr, in the East Kingdom. Until December 2023, it was known as the Canton of Whyt Whey.


The origins of the Canton of Whyt Whey lay in the backyard of Sir Edward Zifran of Gendy in the 1980's. He would hold fighter practice back there and afterwards everyone would go to a restaurant across the street called P.J. Reynolds (now defunct). Eventually the fighter practice was no longer held at his house, but the gathering at the restaurant on Tuesday nights remained.

Sometime about 1988, someone looked around and said words to the effect of "hey, we could start a canton here!" The original thought was to call the canton "Grate Whyte Whey" as a pun on the misspelling of Ostgardr that would mean "cheese farm" and the nickname for Broadway. A herald suggested that "Grate" was unregistrable, so only the last two words were submitted as the name of the canton.

There was much debate over the device for the canton. Some of the founding members were adamant about it having cockroaches, that most indomitable of local fauna, on it. Others were grossed out by the idea. The cockroach won, and the initial registered device is "Sable, a cockroach dismembered within a laurel wreath and on a chief embattled argent, a pomme."

Being located in the county of New York (the island of Manhattan and our mainland territory of Marble Hill), few full-size, and no camping events have ever occurred there. Possibly the largest event was the "May Games" event held in Central Park, with the feast held at the West Side YMCA. The group does many demos for schools, and has had a presence at the Fort Tryon Park Medieval Festival for several years. From 1992-2005 the weekday fighter practices were held in Union Square, and many news organizations, TV stations, and independent journalists, photographers, and videographers have acquired words, pictures, and footage of SCA members and SCA fighting there.

The newsletter was known as the Cheese Cloth.

The unofficial (and never-used) titles of the officers of Whyt Whey are as follows:

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