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A Demonstration Event (or, more commonly, Demo) is an educational or promotional event for the benefit of non-SCAdians. These can be held at schools, public libraries, conventions (gaming, comic, or science-fiction), village fairs, and so on. The primary purpose of a demo is to display the activities of the the SCA, and are usually considered recruitment opportunities. Sometimes they fall under the general rubric of community outreach, and may have a focus on a specific activity of interest to the audience. Unlike most events, demos are open to the public.

Demos are always popular with children, and often give a local SCA group its primary method of exposure to the community. Many demos include armoured combat or fencing demonstrations.

SCAdians who participate in demos are advised to make their garb and armour as authentic as possible and to behave at all times in a courteous and chivalrous manner, as they are publicly representing their local group and the Society as a whole.