16th century

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The Battle of Lepanto (August)
Michelangelo begins sculpting David and The Madonna of Bruges
Death of Arthur Tudor (April 2)
The Battle of Ruvo (February 23)
The Battle of Cerignola (April 21)
The Battle of Garigliano (December 29)
Death of Henry VII of England (April 21)
The Battle of Agnadello (May 14)
Henry VIII of England weds Catherine of Aragon (June 11)
Coronation of Henry VIII of England (June 28)
The Siege of Padua (July 17)
The Battle of Polesella (December 22)


Death of the first Henry, Duke of Cornwall (February 11)
Birth of Giorgio Vasari (July 30)
The Battle of Ravenna (April 11)
The Battle of St. Mathieu (August 10)
Jorge Álvares reaches China (May)
The Battle of Novara (June 6)
The Battle of Guinegate (August 16)
James IV of Scotland dies at the Battle of Flodden Field (September 9); coronation of James V (September 21)
The Battle of La Motta (October 7)
The Battle of Orsha (September 8)
Birth and death of the second Henry, Duke of Cornwall (December)
Birth of Anne of Cleves (September 22)
Birth of Mary I of England (February 18)
The War of Urbino
Departure of Magellan's voyage to circumnavigate the Earth


Death of Magellan (April 27)
The Battle of Pamplona (May 20)
The Battle of Esquiroz (June 30)
The Siege of Mézières
Suleiman captures the fort at Belgrade and razes most of the city to the ground (August 28)
The Siege of Tournai
The Siege of Genoa (May 20-30)
The Siege of Marseille (August-September)
The Peasants' War (1524-May 15, 1525)
Francis I of France signs the Treaty of Madrid, surrendering France's claims to Italy, Flanders, and Burgundy
The Battle of Mohács (August 29)
The Siege of Florence (1529-1530)


Pope Clement VII excommunicates Henry VIII of England (July)
The Battle of Gavinana
Birth of Elizabeth I of England (September 7)
The First Act of Supremacy (November)
The Treasons Act
The First Succession Act
The Conquest of Tunis
John Fisher executed (June 22)
Thomas More executed (July 6)
Henry VIII of England weds Jane Seymour (May 30)
William Tyndale executed (September 6)
The Pilgrimage of Grace (October)
Birth of Lady Jane Grey
Birth of Edward VI of England (October 12)
Death of Jane Seymour (October 24)


Marriage of Henry VIII of England and Anne of Cleves annulled (July 9)
Henry VIII of England weds Catherine Howard (July 28)
The Battle of Haddon Rig (August 24)
The Battle of Solway Moss (November 24)
Henry VIII of England weds Catherine Parr (July 12)
The Siege of Nice (August)
The Battle of Serravalle (June 2)
The Siege of St. Dizier
The Siege of Boulogne (July 19-September 18)
  • 1545: The first English book on archery, Toxophilus: The School of Shooting by Ascham, is published
The Battle of Ancrum Moor (February 27)
The Battle of the Solent (July 18-19)
The Council of Trent (1545-1563)
Coronation of Edward VI of England (February 20)
The Battle of Pinkie Cleugh (September 10)


Coronation of Lady Jane Grey
Coronation of Mary I of England (October 1)
Philip II of Spain weds Mary I of England (July 25)
The Battle of Marciano (August 2)
The Battle of Renty (August 12)
Laurence Saunders executed (February 8)
Rowland Taylor executed (February 9)
John Hooper, Bishop of Gloucester, executed (February 9)
Death of Anne of Cleves (September 22)
Death of Mary I of England (November 17)


Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion established
John Foxe's Book of Martyrs published by John Day

Death of Suleiman I of the Ottoman Empire




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