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The College of Arms is the English body within the Royal household that administers and records the registration of heraldic devices. The College was established by Richard III in 1483. The head of the English College is the Earl Marshal. At present, the Garter King of Arms is the title used by the chief Herald of the college, assisted by the other two Kings of Arms, Norroy and Clarenceux, together with 6 heralds and 4 pursuivants.

Scotland has its own heraldic body with Lyon King of Arms as the chief Herald. The French college was established in 1407 but after the revolution it was disbanded.

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The SCA College of Arms

Within the SCA, the society-wide College of Arms governs the registration and approval of heraldic devices and badges and persona names within the SCA. Its powers do not extent outside of the game and are not governed by any kingdom laws. However, it can have kingdom specific branches of the office of herald.

The college is also responsible for the training and registration of SCA heralds, the maintenance of the Order of Precedence list and the design of ceremonies. The head of the college is the Laurel King or Queen of Arms, which has no direct relationship to the Order of the Laurel.

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