Valhalla Tournament

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This is a tournament style wherein fighters start in a single continuous melee.

A fighter that is killed notes who defeated them, and then steps out of the list field. When the person who killed them dies, they are allowed to re-enter the field.

Victory Condition

The winner needs to have defeated every other fighter in the tournament sequentially without suffering a single loss.

Special Situations

A policy for Double-kills (where both fighters in a single engagement receive killing blows simultaneously) should be specified and announced before the tournament begins.

Options include

  • Both fighters being eliminated from the tournament
  • Both fighters suffering a defeat (thus releasing their previous kills) and an immediate return to the field
  • Both fighters needing to re-fight the engagement until a clear victor is found


Alex, Blair, Chris and Dale enter a Valhalla tournament.

Alex fights and defeats Blair, while Chris fights and defeats Dale.

Blair and Dale exit the field to wait.

Alex fights and defeats Chris, which permits Dale to re-enter the field.

Alex fights Dale and Dale wins, which releases both Blair and Chris to re-enter the field.

If Dale proceeds to defeat both Blair and Chris, Dale wins the tournament.

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