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The following is taken from the Kingdom of Atlantia's MOL Handbook.


Named for the man who created it, Duke Michael of Bedford, the Bedford Points Tourney is for fighters who love to fight and MOLs who are not afraid to do a little addition. This style of tournament works well for moderate to large numbers of fighters and ensures that fighters generally fight individuals of their same skill level. It is also known as a Magic Tournament.

The Bedford Points Tournaments must be run on cards. The number of rounds will be predetermined by the Marshal and may be changed in mid-tournament depending on circumstances. Each fighter’s name should be placed on individual index cards along with a number so you can track the pairings. The initial pairs are achieved by shuffling the cards and pulling them in pairs. This assures an unbiased initial pairing. Each pair of fighters will fight up to three times. The number and sequence of wins and losses determines the amount of points awarded to each fighter. The total amount of points for each round always equals ten (10). When an individual has lost twice the round is over for that pairing.

The scoring is as follows:

One fighter wins the first 2 fights 10 points to the winner; 0 to the loser

A win, a loss, a win 7 points for two kills; 3 for one kill

A win, a loss, a loss 7 points for two kills; 3 for one kill

A win, a double kill 7 points for two kills; 3 for one kill

Double kill, a double kill 5 points/5 points split

A win, a loss, a double kill 5 points/5 points split

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