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The following is taken from the Kingdom of Atlantia's MOL Handbook


In a Hunt, some fighters play the role of animals' while the other fighters form hunting teams. This is a popular tournament format for woods fighting. Animals will usually have special abilities and restrictions on how they must be killed.

For instance, a 'Boar' may only be killed by thrusting blows. A 'Lioness' is invulnerable until her 'Cubs' are killed. A 'Turtle' has an invulnerable 'shell' and can only be killed by a head blow. The MiC will recruit fighters to take the rolls of animals and brief all combatants on the rules before beginning the fighting. When a team defeats an animal, the animal will give them a token. Each animal must have distinct tokens, since different types of animals are worth different points. At the end of the tournament, the teams report to the list table with their 'kill' and turn in all the tokens to be counted.

As an example, a hunt might include the following 'animals'. Point values are determined by how difficult it is to kill the 'animal'.

  • Bear - 10
  • Stag - 10
  • Boar - 15
  • Turtle - 20
  • Dragon - 125
  • Unicorn - 15
  • Lion - 15
  • Wolf - 10

With imagination, you can include almost any type of animal.

Hunts run much more smoothly with advance preparation. The 'animals' will have time to make themselves tabards or costumes reflective of their animal persona. The MiC can assemble tokens for the animals at leisure, rather than scrounging around the day of the event. The MOL will know in advance what the rules and points are for each animal and can speed things along by helping brief the fighters.

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