Shire of Draca Mor

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Shire of Draca Mor
Sdm2 Curved.jpg
Ermine,within a serpent-headed torc opening to chief vert surmounted by a sword sable, a laurel wreath vert.
Founded: A.S.
In Kingdom: Artemisia
Seneschal: Maghnus cu Mac Faelain
Modern location
Grand Junction, Colorado, USA.

The Shire of Draca Mor is the SCA group mainly in Grand Junction, but lays claim to the northwestern corner of the state of Colorado, USA. It is part of the Kingdom of Artemisia.

Early History



The Shire Holds Fighters Practice (both Heavy and Light)every Sunday at Hawthorne Park, south west quadrant, A&S night every other Thursday, Dancing and drumming every Tuesday, as well a general populace meeting the second Sunday of every month.



Shire Heavy Championship is decided at the yearly Brouhaha, or Shire Birthday party. There is a defender tourney with the winner being declared the Shire Defender.


Currently there is no structure for a Rapier defender as this is just starting in the Shire.


The Shire has not had a bard since Douglas, the Grey Minstrel of Draca Mor Passed on.


The A&S championship takes place during the annual Brouhaha. The championship set up by the Shire A&S officer.

Keynote Reoccurring Events

Border Skirmish/Stinking Desert War

This is an older event that used to be held in September, between the Shire of Draca Mor and the Shire of Dael Beorht. The idea is that there is a dragon living in the Desert wastes between the two groups. The loser of the War is then responsible for cleaning up after the dragon for the next year. This event has not happened the last few years. Currently there is an attempt to bring this event back, but on a larger scale.

Draca Morian Brouhaha

Started in 2007. Held in August, this is the Shire's Birthday party Celebrating the many years the shire has been together. This is when the Defender's of the Shire are chosen.

Harvest Festival

Held in October, this event celebrates the harvest. Once known as the Beer, Wine, and Mead Fest, changes within the SCA Corpera, caused the name to be changed.

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