Scots Gaelic alternate titles

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In the SCA, people with a persona from Scotland, particularly the Highlands, may wish to use one of the following alternate titles.

SCA Scots Gaelic
King Rìgh
Queen Bainrìgh/Bainrìghinn
Prince Prionnsa / Flaith
Princess Bana-phrionnsa / Ban-fhlaith
Duke Diuc
Duchess Ban-diuc
Count Iarla
Countess Ban-iarla
Viscount Biocas
Viscountess Bana-bhiocas
Master Maighstir
Mistress Bana-mhaighstir
Knight Ridire
Sir (a) Ridire
Baron Ridire / Báron
Baroness Ban-ridire / Bana-bháron
Lord Tighearna
Lady Baintighearna