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The Pennsic War (sometimes shorted simply to Pennsic) is the largest SCA event in the world. Held every August in Pennsylvania, USA, it is the traditional war between the East Kingdom and the Middle Kingdom. Once, the war was fought over territory (the loser getting Pittsburgh) but now it is fought over prestige.

The major combatants are the Midrealm and the East Kingdom, but every other kingdom in the Known World chooses one side or the other. Many kingdoms have traditional alliances to one side or another, others switch every year.

A.S. XLI saw the 35th running of the event that started out in a field in Ohio, and now consumes the resources of a small western Pennsylvania town for 3 weekends and the 2 weeks in between.


The Pennsic War 35 official attendance was 11,298 gentles from all corners of the Known World. Pennsic War 36 also had over 11,200 participants. Pennsic is a definite "must get to one day" for the hardened SCAdian. It's an amazing experience, with literally hundreds of collegia, days on end of tourney and war fighting, shopping that will send your credit card screeching for cover and thousands of other SCAdians to meet.


The legendary but apocryphal story of the origin of the event is that King Cariadoc of the Middle sent a declaration of war to the Eastrealm in A.S. V, but nothing ever came of it. In A.S. VII King Cariadoc of the East (he had moved and won a crown tourney in the interim) found the old declaration of war and promptly accepted, leading an army of Easterners west across the mountains. The Midrealm defeated them, making Cariadoc the first king in history to declare war on himself and lose. Some versions of the legend include that the looser of the war was to get the land including Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Being the largest annual SCA event, it has been covered by the mainstream media. There have also been several documentaries made of the event, the largest being The Pennsic War: A Video Documentary by Duckball Home Video, which covered Pennsic XX.

Pennsic War Results

  • First Pennsic War A.S. VII Won by the Midrealm
  • Second Pennsic War A.S. VIII Tie result
  • Third Pennsic War A.S. IX Won by the Midrealm
  • Fourth Pennsic War A.S. X Won by the Midrealm
  • Fifth Pennsic War A.S. XI Won by the Midrealm
  • Sixth Pennsic War A.S. XII Tie result
  • Seventh Pennsic War A.S. XIII Won by the Midrealm
  • Eighth Pennsic War A.S. XIV Tie result
  • Ninth Pennsic War A.S. XV Won by the Midrealm
  • Tenth Pennsic War A.S. XVI Won by the East
  • Eleventh Pennsic War A.S. XVII Won by the East
  • Twelveth Pennsic War A.S. XVIII Won by the East
  • Thirteenth Pennsic War A.S. XIX Tie result
  • Fourteenth Pennsic War A.S. XX Tie result
  • Fifteenth Pennsic War A.S. XXI Won by the East
  • Sixteenth Pennsic War A.S. XXII Won by the Middle
  • Seventeenth Pennsic War A.S. XXIII Won by the Middle
  • Eighteenth Pennsic War A.S. XXIV Won by the East
  • Nineteenth Pennsic War A.S. XXV Won by the East
  • Twentieth Pennsic War A.S. XXVI No results posted
  • Twenty-first Pennsic War A.S. XXVII Won by the East
  • Twenty-second Pennsic War A.S. XXVIII Won by the East
  • Twenty-third Pennsic War A.S. XXIX Won by the East
  • Twenty-fourth Pennsic War A.S. XXX No results posted
  • Twenty-fifth Pennsic War A.S. XXXI No results posted
  • Twenty-sixth Pennsic War A.S. XXXII No results posted
  • Twenty-seventh Pennsic War A.S. XXXIIINo results posted
  • Twenty-eighth Pennsic War A.S. XXXIV No results posted
  • Twenty-ninth Pennsic War A.S. XXXV Won by the East
  • Thirtieth Pennsic War A.S. XXXVI Won by the East
  • Thirty-first Pennsic War A.S. XXXVII Won by the East
  • Thirty-second Pennsic War A.S. XXXVIII Won by the East
  • Thirty-third Pennsic War A.S. XXXIX Won by the East
  • Thirty-fourth Pennsic War A.S. XL Won by the Middle
  • Thirty-fifth Pennsic War A.S. XLI Won by the East
  • Thirty-sixth Pennsic War A.S. XLII Won by the Middle
  • Thirty-seventh Pennsic War A.S. XLIII Won by the Middle (All points ceded to the Middle before fighting started)
  • Thirty-eighth Pennsic War A.S. XLIV Part 1 Won by the East. Part 2 Tie between the "Known World Alliance" and the "Middle-East Alliance"
  • Thirty-ninth Pennsic War A.S. XLV Won by the East
  • Fortieth Pennsic War A.S. XLVI Won by the East
  • Forty-first Pennsic War A.S. XLVII Won by the "East & Middle Coalition" (Fought against the Æthelmearc - Atlantia Alliance)
  • Forty-second Pennsic War A.S. XLVIII Won by the East

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