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| [[Image:Trimaris-qc.png]]
| [[Image:Trimaris-qc.png]]
| Populace badge<br /><small>also in green, purple, red & black</small>
| Populace badge<br /><small>also in green, purple, red
| [[Image:Trimaris badge.png|96px]]
==External links==
[http://www.trimaris.org Kingdom homepage]
{{SCA Kingdom}}
[[Category:Kingdoms (SCA)|Trimaris]]

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Argent, on a fess wavy between two triskeles azure a crown of five points, each point tipped with a mullet, argent, between overall a laurel wreath counterchanged.
Founded: A.S. XX
Parent Kingdom: Kingdom of Meridies
King: Baldar Langstrider
Queen: Asa Flaxenhair
Modern location
Most of Florida, Antarctica, Panama, Mars, Luna

The Kingdom of Trimaris is an SCA kingdom that geographically covers the majority of Florida and Panama, and also lays claim to Antarctica, Mars, and the Moon.

The current King and Queen of Trimaris are HRM Baldar Lonstrider and HRM Asa Flaxenhar . The current Crown Prince and Crown Princess are HRH Gaston and HRH Judith.

Baronies of this kingdom are:

In all, there are 24 groups in the Kingdom of Trimaris.

Kingdom devices

Person or group Image
King Same as kingdom
Queen Trimaris-qc.png
Populace badge
also in green, purple, red