King Arthur -- Supporting Cast

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Other people from the legends of King Arthur:

  • Vortigern (the Proud Tyrant) -- the British warlord who invited the Saxons in (three keels) and settled them on Thanet
  • Hengest (or Hengist) and Horsa -- brothers, Saxons, who came invited by Vortigern
  • Rowena -- daughter of Hengest, married to Vortigern.
  • Vortimer -- Vortigern's son
  • Germanus -- bishop and papal envoy, also war-leader at Llangolen against the Saxon; founder of the 'kingdom' of Powys.
  • Aurelius Ambrosius -- Celtic leader
  • Uthur PenDragon -- Celtic leader, and father of Arthur
  • Ygraine -- wife of Gorlois of Cornwall, mother of Arthur, wife of Uthur, after her husband's death.
  • Constantine, son of Cador of Cornwall, Arthur's successor after Battle of Camlann