House Shadow Legion

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House Shadow Legion
The official household device.
Founded: late 1980s
Patriarch: Duke Sir Kane Redfeather
Matriarch: Duchess Ilissa the Nightwatcher
Home Kingdom: Gleann Abhann
Modern location
throughout the Known World

Shadow Legion is an SCA household founded by their Graces, Duke Sir Kane Redfeather and Duchess Ilissa the Nightwatcher. The household is based in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.


House Shadow Legion was started in the Late 1980s by Duke Sir Kane Redfeather and Duchess Illisa the Nightwatcher after the demise of House Eagle.

House Shadow Legion is the largest mercenary household in the kingdom and takes part in events throughout the Known World. Fighters in the household muster for all major wars in which the kingdom participates. Most notably Gulf Wars, Diamond Wars, Pennsic and on occasion Border Raids in Meridies.

Though known for being a newbie household, helping new members find their way into the society, at the core they are primarily a fighting household (Heavy and Rapier combat), though they have many diverse interests.

Other Information

Shadow Legion fighters at Gulf Wars XVI (2006)

Shadow Legion is widely known for their Thursday night party at Gulf Wars, one of the largest parties at war.

The household also host ShadowCon an SCA/Gaming/Sci-Fi convention, held in Memphis each January.

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