House Saarlands

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 there was a house upon a hill.
 there was a group of lads.
 they drank some beer, 
 chicks came along,
 and the lads acted like some dills  (it nearly rhymed!!)

House Saarlands is an SCA Melbourne based fighting household. Black and white they wear. They're strictly good guys trying to be bad. Otherwise known as "The Druids".

They grew up in Stormhold as a group of young upstart archers and progressed into fierce fighters of both Light and Heavy disiplines. They are now top heavy in Peers, and have spread throughout the lands of Lochac.

Key members of the household include:

Lord Roland Loffhelm
Sir Atar of Sarum
Master Brian di Caffa, now living in the Barony of Ildhafn in New Zealand
Master Will Cumyn
Mistress Margie of Glenmore
Rioghan of Saarlands, the son of Mistress Margie and squire to Sir Atar, has since formed The Axemen with a number of members of the household but he is still a Saarlander.
Master Dafydd of the Glens, Bard extraordinaire
Lord Roland Ironbeard
Chris Myers, Wulfrum Auslander
Lady Mady of Saarlands
Lady Ness the Druid Orange Girlie

The device for the household is:

Sable, a blasted oak eradicated argent.
( for the non-heralds, that's a white leafless oak tree showing its roots on a black background)

 I'll sing you a song
 and it wont take long ...
 All Druid's are EXCELLENT !