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A Count is the Norman title equivalent to an Anglo-Saxon Earl. As such, modern England only has Earls. The oldest title is that of Shrewsbury, created in 1442, but precedence is given to the Howard Dukes of Norfolk on account of their descent from an Earl of Surrey who had inherited the medieval earldom of Arundel, deemed to predate 1442. In Scotland the premier earldom is Mar (created 1404). In Ireland it is Leinster, which was created as an earldom in 1316, subsequently (out of period) raised to a marquisate and then a duchy.

It originates from the Latin comes, a title given to local army commanders in the later Imperial period.

Counts in the SCA

The title Count is awarded in the SCA to someone who has completed a reign over a kingdom. The honorific for a count is "Your Excellency". After a second reign, they are awarded the title Duke.

A count is entitled to wear a county coronet, and to have such above their device on their heraldic achievement. The county coronet is distinguishable by its embattled form.

Alternate Titles

The SCA recognises the following alternate titles in other languages as the equivalent to Count:

Language Alternate Form
Albanian Kont
Arabic Qadi
Catalan Comte
Czech Hrab
Danish Greve/Jarl
Dutch Graaf
Estonian Krahv
Finnish Kreivi/Jaarli
French Comte
German Graf
Greek Komes
Hebrew Shilton
Hungarian Foispan/Grof
Icelandic Greifi
Irish Gaelic Cunta/Iarla
Italian Conte
Latin Comes
Middle Norwegian Greifi
Old English Eorl
Old Norse Jarl/Greifi
Polish Hrabia
Portuguese Conde
Romanian Conte
Russian Kniaz
Scots Gaelic Iarla
Spanish Conde
Swedish Greve
Turkish Kont/Beylerbey
Welsh Iarll/Gwledig

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