French alternate titles

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In the SCA people with a persona from France may choose to use one of the following alternate titles.

SCA French
King Roi
Queen Reine
Prince Prince
Princess Princesse
Duke Duc
Duchess Duchesse
Count Comte
Countess Comtesse
Viscount Vicomte
Viscountess Vicomtesse
Master Maître
Mistress Maîtresse
Knight Chevalier
Sir Sieur
Baron Baron
Baroness Baronne
Lord Seigneur
Lady Madame

Here ends the list provided (approved) by the SCA college of arms.

For Norman personas, it is interesting to note that in the 12th Century old french romance of Beroul's Tristan the terms mestre and magistre are used for the male and female advisors (respectively) who were the childhood teachers of the protagonists. (line 381 and 345)

There are two feminine alternatives for the French title of knight: chevaleresse and chevalière. One being a knight in her own right, the other being a woman who holds the rank of knight due to status.