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Fiore dei Liberi (1350(?) to 1410-20) was the son of Benedetto a noble whose estates were based in Italy.

He studied fighting at an early age learning from Italian and German masters. By the late 14th century Fiore was known as a miltary man and possibly ended up as the trainer to Niccolo II d'Este at the very end of the 14th century.

As a fencing master he trained gentleman for duels in the barriers including Giovanni di Ordilaffi and Galeazzo da Mantova amongst many known historical personages.

Fiore himself had to fight other masters including duels where both duellists were unarmoured.

Later fencing masters drew onhis work including Vadi(1485) and von Eyb (16th century).

Fiore's Works

  • 'Fior di Battaglia' also known as 'Flos Duellatorum'

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