College of St Ursula

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The College of St Ursula and Her Eleven Thousand Virgins and Martyrs

St Ursula is an SCA] college in the Barony of Rowany in the Kingdom of Lochac. It is the SCA group for Sydney University, Sydney, Australia. St Ursula's motto is Sola Vera Schola, which in Latin means 'The One True College'.

St Ursula claims to be the longest running college in the kingdom, as it was the first university group to be officially recognised in Lochac. This claim is disputed by the College of Blessed Herman the Cripple.

The College maintains a strong tradition of weekly A&S meetings and pub dinners, the combination of which are sure to contribute to the continued success of Ursulans in local and inter-baronial competitions. The college also manages to field a less-ragtag-than-expected fighting force whose numbers and enthusiasm rival most units out there, and somewhat account for their lack of experience.

It is worth noting that the College of St Ursula has a very healthy obsession with carrots, which culminates in the mythos surrounding the One True Carrot, which is not the sort of information which can be disclosed in such a public manner as this.

Incomplete list of Peers of the Realm produced by or residing in the College, by order of precedence:

  • Countess Mistress Bethan Daniels of Brockwood
  • Count Sir Kinggiyadai Ba'atur (also known as Gui von Oberhausen)
  • Countess Angharat Benbras
  • Master Padraig Lowther
  • Sir Ariston Hegelochos
  • Master Caleb Adolphus


  • Seneschal: Edward Walton (Surprisingly, not his mundane name)
  • Secretary: Yast Melkhi (It's Mongol. It means turtle)
  • A&S: Ulfhilda (Wulfhildr? Who knows man. Vikings.)
  • Marshal: Yda (Is that even enough letters for a name?)
  • Reeve: Hrafn inn Reði (ayyyy)
  • Webmin: Sigvaldr Svithandi (There is some chance you've met this one though)
  • Acquisitor: (SHANNON NEEDS A NAME)