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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
* [http://www.sca.org.au/willoughbyvale/home.html Willoughby Vale website]
* [http://www.sca.org.au/castellum/ Castellum Montanum website]
[[Category:Cantons (SCA)|Willoughby Vale]]
[[Category:Cantons (SCA)|Castellum Montanum]]

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Castellum Montanum
Castellum Montanum.jpg
Checky gules and argent, a laurel wreath and a bordure wavy sable.
Founded: A.S. XXVI
Parent Barony: Barony of River Haven
Kingdom: Lochac
Seneschal: Baroness Beatrice Marie Malatesta
Mundane location
Toowoomba (Queensland, Australia)

Castellum Montanum is a canton of the Barony of Riverhaven located in Toowoomba, Queensland Australia

Cantons & College of River Haven

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