Barony of Rowany

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The Barony of Rowany is the SCA group in a large part of Sydney, Australia.

Rowany was named after Mistress Rowan who, was the first Pelican in Lochac, and also the second Laurel and did a lot of work to get the SCA started in Australia.

The current Baron and Baroness are Gui von Oberhausen and Ælfled æt Otrebyrne.

There are two colleges within the boundaries of the Barony:

The Canton of Stowe on the Wowld covers the Western Suburbs of Sydney. Agaricus lies to the South West of Sydney, although, being a shire, is not governed by the Barony of Rowany. The Shire of Colles Ardorum covers the region south of Sydney, around Wollongong, and encompasses the College of St Malachy (University of Wollongong).

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