Barony of Flaming Gryphon

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Flaming Gryphon
Ermine, in bend a gryphon stooping enflamed proper and a laurel wreath vert
Founded: A.S. XIV
In Kingdom: Middle Kingdom
Baron: Nicholas of Wicklow
Baroness: Soffya von Kulp
Modern location
Dayton, Ohio and surrounding area

The Barony of Flaming Gryphon is an SCA branch in the Middle Kingdom. It was founded in October 1979 (A.S. XIV). Originally created by incorporating four independent Shires (Winged Hills, Flaming Sword, Marche of the Unicorn, and Fenix) or Marches as they were referred to within the original Barony of Middle Marches. Eventually, the Marche of Fenix left to be promoted to a Barony in its own right. Four new cantons were added (College of St. Joan, Havenholde, Hawkes Keye, and Norborough) and Flaming Sword was disbanded. The remaining cantons are as follows: