Barony of Bhakail

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History and Location

The Barony of Bhakail is an SCA branch. It is the fourth oldest barony in the East Kingdom, having been founded in September of A.S. VI (1971).

Bhakail is situated in southeast Pennsylvania and is mundanely known as Philadelphia and its surrounding environs. It has two cantons: the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust, which covers Center City and West Philadelphia and primarily serves the students and staff of the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia; and the Canton of Gleann nam Feòrag Dhuibhe, which primarily serves the southwestern suburbs and is colloquially known as the "Canton of Fred" due to its impenetrable Gaelic name, which means "the Valley of the Black Squirrel."


The Barony of Bhakail's arms are registered as:

Gules, a Salamander sable dancing in flames, environed of a laurel wreath proper, on a chief argent a hurst of three trees, maple, pine and oak, proper, between a quill and a quill inverted, gules.

The Baronial badge is: A salamander in his flames sable.

Ruling Nobility

The current Baron and Baroness are Nissim aven Darmon and Sabine de Kerbriant. Their investiture took place in June '08.

The previous Baron and Baroness were Master Lorcan Dracontius, O.P. and Mistress Scheherazade al-Zahira, O.P. They were invested with the Baronial Coronets at Pennsic XXXII.

They were preceded in the Baronial office by Sir Tristen von Halstern, KSCA.

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