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Members of the SCA sometimes include the awards they have won and the orders of which they are a member after their names. These are commonly just given in abbreviated or initialled forms. Due to the high number of available awards, ranging from local awards up to kingdom and Society-wide awards, this can result in a confusing set of letters following the name. Hence, the name alphabet soup. A similar practise is sometimes followed for modern awards and qualifications, but it tends to be shorter than for some SCAdians.

For example, Kathryn of Iveragh's alphabet soup at some point was:

  • Countess Kathryn of Iveragh, MP, ML, CtBar, CLA, CST, CLS, CGG, BPC, BCR, CWW, CSA, CSA, CRT, OR, CSH, BQC

Note that this is not a period usage, nor is the most common alternative of title stacking.

The common initials used for society-wide awards are:

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