A Greene Forest

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A Greene Forest was written by John Maplet and published in 1567. Its full title is A greene Forest, or a naturall Historie, wherein may be seene first the most sufferaigne Vertues in all the whole kinde of Stones and Mettals: Next of Plants, as of Herbes, Trees & Shrubs, Lastly the brute beastes, Foules, Fishes, creeping wormes & Serpent, and that Alphabetically: So that a Table shall not neede. What the average 16th century book title lacked in brevity it at least made up for in accuracy, and it is plain that this book is in fact a lapidary, a herbal and a bestiary compiled one after the other.

The Book

Of Stones and Metals

Of Trees, Herbes & Shrubs

Of Beastes, Foules, Fishes. &c.