Eagle (Maplet)

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This is the entry for eagle from Maplet's A Greene Forest

Of the Eagle.

The eagle of his eiesight most shapre and prest tooke first his name. Isidore saith, that he is of such sharpe eiesight that he flying about in the top of the ayer in such height as he can not be seene over the Sea and waters, yet for all that, through his cleare eyen, there is none so little a fishe that swimmeth so nighe the waters top, but he seeth and espyeth it, and thinking he may come by it, flyeth swiftlye downe to the water where as she is, and ducking a little, doth so sodainlye catch hir, as Gonshot that is shot off, or that is more swift. The chiefest propertie also that he hath else, is that he is good in finding out false play or adulterie done: And this is his triall. Hee taketh his young when as they be yong & tender, and have not ful steadfastnesse in their eies, and holdeth them with ther eies right opposite to the sunne beames. Those that have constant and stedfast looke not dazeled by such experiment, he holdeth legitimate and truly begotten, and hath ever good care of them & their bringing up. The other that have their eyne twincle in their head, or which be dazeled at such proofe had, he counteth them Bastardes and misbegotten, and never after regardeth them, but repelleth them.