Cocomoré de Manió

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The Cocomoré de Manió is the second Pirate ship in a fleet of three ships under the command of The Honorable Lord, Admiral Obediah La Calavera. She has stood as a pirate household of the SCA for over seven years, and makes her home port in the Barony of Twin Moons of SCA fame. The ship is currently captained by Don Capitan Carlos de Cervantes, who is the first and, to date, only Captain of the ship. She is crewed by ten or more steadfast hands at the mast, and is just beginning to make her way in the world.

Rank and File

The ship is captained and crewed as closely to a period sailing ship as possible, with a Captain at her head, his officers below him, and the enlisted crew and anchors completing the chart. Some of the positions aboard ship and the scurvy dogs that are billeted in them are as follows:

Captain: Lord Carlos "Krusty" de Cervantes

First Mate: Morag Na Muir (Lieutenant)

Boatswain(Bos'n): "Scuzzle" (Ensign)

Anchor Master/Purser: Sayyidah Alimah aka Flotsam (Anchor)

Cook: "Lockjaw" (Anchor)

Pilot/Bard: Sean Porter (Anchor)

Chiurgeon - Cynara del Mar (Anchor)

Anchor: "Kraken"

Anchor: "Scupper"

Bard's Mate: "Scuttlebutt" (Anchor)

Coxswain: Mira "Leilie" Stryker (Anchor)

SCA Activities

Members of the Cocomoré de Manió participate in a diverse mix of SCA related activities. Her crew are fighters on the Rapier and Heavy/Hardsuit field as well as archers, bards, equestrian competitors, belly dancers, drummers, and occasionally brigands.

Plunder Cards

Those who find themselves in the vicinity of her crew should be wary of their precious things.... a tent left open or a chest left unattended is quite an enticing target for her black ops division... which, of course, doesn't exist (why would you say such a silly thing?)... but nevertheless, should these things be spotted you may end up finding her trademark "plunder cards" laying on or near said precious booty. Now they never said they weren't thieves... but they can't have anyone speaking ill of their honor either, so the cards are the crew's way of saying "we could have" and letting you know respectfully that whatever possession(s) you find the card upon are now theirs... they're just letting you borrow it/them because they're such great people.


The Cocomoré de Manió is a modest sized ship that can be found at many events in and around the glorious Kingdom of Atenveldt. She routinely goes on her cruises plundering and pillaging in and around the Mediterranean, though she has been known to travel about when matter become too... heated.

Her Captain hails from the Outlands where he was a faithful hand at the mast for many years upon the Admiral's flagship: The Barking Spyder before coming to make his own way and his own fortune far away from his former home.