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SCA (inactive): I am a viking merchant who currently resides in the great Barony of Dragonsspine in the Kingdom of the Outlands.

I'm the owner of That Witchy Place, an online Pagan/Metaphysical shop.

Mundane: I work with computers and have a wiki related to paganism called PaganWiki and thought an SCA wiki would be an excellent idea. I thought, "Before I register a domain name and get the software installed, I'd better search for existing SCA wikis", and found this wonderful place. I immediately searched for Dragonsspine and Outlands and was very disappointed with the results. Only one thing to do to correct it; Join and contribute!

I own several other online businesses, The Rose and Crowne being one of the more popular with SCA members. I created Winding Path Ltd. Co. and to provide new/potential business owners with the resources to increase their chances of success. Also, if anyone wants/needs specific devices done in my style (see Outlands,Barony of Dragonsspine and Shire of Aarquelle for examples), feel free to ask. My heraldry work can been seen at my primary site, must charge something for my time and effort, email for quote.