The Compleat Gamester

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The Compleat Gamester by Charles Cotton 1674, reprinted by Cornmarket reprints 1972. It is subtitled "INSTRUCTIONS How to play at BILLIARDS, TRUCKS, BOWLS, and CHESS. Together with all manner of usual and most Gentile Games either on CARDS or DICE. To which is added, The Arts and Mysteries of RIDING, RACING, ARCHERY and COCK-FIGHTING." It is 232 pages with two illustrations.

The English is quite readable (once you get accustomed to the use of the long s).

The account of chess is essentially modern. The king, queen, bishop, knight, and rook all move as in modern chess. The pawn has the double move opening, unless there is "a Pawn of your Adversaries is already advanced as far as your fourth rank" on either side of the pawn, i.e. rather than the en passant rule, the player is just barred from making the double move. Pawns may only promote to a Queen (no under-promotion). Castling is described and matches modern practice.

Available from (go to categories then history) listed at $5.95(US) plus (substantial) shipping. No ISBN.