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Stahlgeist is a household in the Society for Creative Anachronism loosely based on Sir Hawkwood's Condottiere White Company. Stahlgeist is a military based household which uses military command structure on the field of combat. Internal household decisions, however, are made by the house as a family.

Years ago, when both the Earth and Omarad the Wary were young, in the Shire of Dragon's Mark in the fair southern reaches of the Middle Kingdom, Omarad met Kato No Inagoichi Kagetaka and Vachir Harrar. A special bond formed between the three young fighters and they banded together in a household. They had seen other households fall to internal strife and petty bickering and decided that this would not happen to them. They decided that House Stahlgeist would be different. Members would not swear fealty to one man, but instead loyalty would be owed to the entire house. Thus the dragon was born.

Others around them, seeing this to be a noble house and sharing a love of fighting and great spirit, wanted to become a part of this and soon Stahlgeist grew into a strong Midrealm fighting unit. Then people outside the Midrealm began to notice. Baron Tiberius from Calontir founded a sister household based on the same priciples as Stahlgeist. That sister house is named Ferro Spettro, which has the same meaning as Stahlgeist in German, "steel spirit". That same year, Angus and the Gaggle from Atlantia joined us. We also have a strong AEthelmearc contingent, and we have proud members in Meridies as well.

Our banner has seen victory from the great Pennsic War to as far west as the War of the Lilies and as far south as Gulf Wars. We have also fought in Pointless War, Border Raids, and Blackstone Raids, where the Midrealm members of Stahlgeist stood almost alone and still won the day. Also, we do more than only fight. We have a great many scribes, artisans, scholars, fencers, artists and teachers throughout the Known World.

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