Atlantian Speed Tournament

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The Atlantian Speed Tournament is a tournament style that is a variation on the standard SCA double elimination. In the first "round" all fighters are given a single opponent and the round is fought simultaneously on the one lists field. All losers then move to a second lists field and new opponents are selected on both fields. Any losers from the winners' field move to the losers' field. Any victors on the losers' field move to the winners' field. Any losers on the losers' field will have been defeated twice, so they eliminated from the tournament. This continues until there is only one fighter left or the number of remaining fighters are small enough to allow other tournament styles to be implemented.

The "speed" aspect of this tournament comes from the fact that

  1. all bouts are fought simultaneously on the same field
  2. other than the first round, no heralds or lists officers need be involved
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