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The Barony of Southron Gaard is centered on Christchurch, New Zealand and comprises the southern half of New Zealand, including its territories in Antarctica. It was officially recognised as a Shire of the Kingdom of Caid in A.S. XVIII. It became a Barony in A.S. XXXI, with Sigurd Hardrada and Eleanora van den Bogaerde as the first Baron and Baroness. In A.S. XXXVII the lands of Southron Gaard passed to the Kingdom of Lochac.

The Incipient College of St Kessog was formed as a sub-group of the Barony at the University of Otago in Dunedin towards the end of A.S. XL and the Incipient Canton of Castelburn was formed in the same region a few months later. The Barony also enjoys warm relations with a steel group based at the University of Canterbury, known as Ordo Cygni.

Southron Gaard's best-known event is Canterbury Faire, a 5-6 day camping event held around February 6th each year. Among those who have grown up with the Rowany Festival, CF is frequently described as "Festival, the way it used to be". Locals add: "no mudde, no duste, no venymous fauna, WARMER!".

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