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The Shire of Harpelestane is the SCA group that covers the entirety of Scotland. It is part of the Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.


The shire was formed by members of the Medieval Society of the University of Edinburgh in 1993 and grew from covering only Edinburgh to the size it is today. A history of the shire can be seen here.

It originally shared the lands of Scotland with the Shire of Egail which was based at the USAF base at Edzell, Angus. When Egail became defunct due to the closure of the base, Harpelestane absorbed its lands.


Most members of the shire live in the Edinburgh and Fife areas, although there is also a small contigent in the Glasgow area and as far north as Aberdeen.


Traditionally, the most regularily practised activity is historical dancing. However in recent years, more eclectic activities such as heavy combat, renaissance fencing or feasts have broadened the tapestry. Members of Harpelstane get together for a number of different ativities: some weekly, some monthly, some just every so often - check out our current Activities

The main annual event run by the shire was previously Warbands at Edzell Castle. This event has now been discontinued. Harpelestane's events now include:

Dance Moot - When winter has fallen upon the lands, the Shire of Harpelestane has its own merry way to remain warm and entertained: dancing

Battle of the Heart,- Four days of Armoured Combat, Archery and fun. "Taking from his neck the silver casket which contained the heart of Bruce, Sir James Douglas threw it before him among the enemy, saying, "Now pass thou onward before us, as thou wert wont, and I will follow thee or die. Douglas, and almost all of the men who fought by his side, were here slain. His body and the casket containing the embalmed heart of Bruce were found together upon the field."

Feast of the Tower Hall - spend a day in the life of your persona at a day long feast in the beautiful 15th Century Barley Hall in York.

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