Order of Thorbjorn's Hammer

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The Order of Thorbjorn's Hammer is a Kingdom level award in Ealdormere.

It is given to individuals who have:

  • exhibited excellence in a martial activity approved in Ealdormere;
  • who demonstrate a knowledge of related skills and/or of other martial disciplines;
  • who demonstrate a leadership role in a martial activity, including a willingness to teach;
  • who present a reasonably authentic appearance;
  • who provide an example of courtesy and chivalry worthy of emulation.

Recipients who do not already have a Grant of Arms receive one automatically with this award. Recipients may style themselves 'The Honourable Lord' or 'The Honourable Lady' and may be addressed as 'Your Ladyship' or 'Your Lordship'.

This award was established in memory of the late Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson