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Northover is an SCA shire in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann. It consists of an area in southeast Louisiana that is north of Lake Ponchatrain. Most of the shire is considered part of the New Orleans metro area.

Northover (formerly Nor du Lac) received official shire status in 2006. It is a small group, but has distinguished itself in the fields of fencing and arts and sciences. In its first year as an incipient shire, Northover won the honor of Patron of the Arts of Gleann Abhann.

Hurricane Katrina in the fall of 2005 took a heavy toll on the residents of Northover, displacing some and causing hardship to many. However, Northover perseveres and remains an active group.

The second king and queen of Gleann Abhann, Their Royal Majesties Havordh Aetarbani and Mary-Grace of Gatland, are residents of Northover.

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