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The term minimum standard has come to mean the least historically accurate reconstruction that will be tolerated at a display, event or within a group's normal activities.

Minimum Standards in the SCA

The SCA requires everyone to make an attempt at pre 17th century dress, but is famously (some would say notoriously) lenient about the minimum standard. This laxity of standards is intended to make it easier and less expensive for beginners to participate.

Minimum Standards in Australian Re-Enactment

This varies a great deal amongst individual re-enactment groups. This ranges from clothing of medjeeval appearance and non-appropriate materials for some combat-based clubs (although this occurs less and less as time marches on), to the requirement that only clothing based on extent patterns in appropriate weight and type of materials.

The general standard is that:

  • patterns should be used whereever possible
  • blends of materials are acceptable if the blend is greatly favoured in bias of the historical material but 100% fabrics of the right weight are preferred.
  • time frame and location should match.
  • "Do not make the uncommon, common".
  • Portrayal should be consistent, ie. no black velvet doublets on a peasant levy.