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A maunche (alternately spelled manche or maunch) is an unusual charge used in heraldry. Resembling a highly stylized letter M, the maunche is actually meant to portray a billowing lady's sleeve, separated from her dress at the shoulder.

The depiction of a maunche in an achievement of arms can vary widely, from a simple representation of a sleeve to highly baroque swirls and ribbons, however all depictions are blazoned alike and do not count as a point of difference.

Fulk shield done.jpg

The arms of Lord Fulk de Toron in Ealdormere, showing a maunche.

The Order of the Maunche

The Order of the Maunche is an award for Arts and Sciences in the East Kingdom of the SCA.

Order of the Maunche.jpg

The badge of the Order of the Maunche, showing another representation of the maunche

Order of the Maunche Webpage