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Martial sports are those activities which are loosely based on a martial art, but lacks a number of important elements.

Elements that Separate Sports from a Martial Art

These elements might include:

  • a competition basis
  • limited target areas
  • restriction of blows
  • inclusion of blows that are not effective in an actual combat situation.

Beneficial Aspects of Martial Sports

Martials sports include some aspects of actual combat in their execution and as such they could be beneficial in some ways.

These aspects include:

  • physical fitness
  • timing
  • distance
  • confidence due to experience of being in a simulated combat situation
  • muscle programming

Examples of Martial Sports

Examples of some martial sports:

  • boxing
  • kendo
  • fencing
  • judo
  • re-enactment combat
  • savate
  • SCA combat
  • sport karate

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