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The Lollards were the English followers of John Wyclif. They were a partially religious and partially nationalist pre-1517 reformation movement. They are very closely related to the Hussites of Bohemia and Moravia -- Jan Hus was heavily influenced by John Wyclif.

Although John Wyclif was one of the very early pre-1517 protestants, I don't rate the Lollard movement as significant as the Hussite one -- in essence the Lollards, after receiving initial support from noblemen such as John of Gaunt became isolated within their own country, whereas the Hussites genuinely wreaked havoc to the point where they pretty much gained control of the entire of Bohemia.

Many Lollards were burned at the stake as heretics including John Badby in 1410 and Thomas Harding as late as 1532.


Your SCA Persona is a Lollard

  • You live in England, most probably during the early 15th century or possibly later in the 15th century or early 16th century. By the mid 16th century you had switched to more "orthodox" forms of protestantism.
  • You are probably very religious. You are familiar with the Bible but may not know a great deal about other religious writings such as the works of the scholastics.
  • You probably live in the countryside, rather than the city.
  • You were most probably a commoner. Although there were some nobles who spoke favourably of the Lollard movement in its early days, it became far too critical of the upper nobility as well as the clergy to gain universal class support.
  • You are a nationalist and believe that England should have its own Church and not be governed from Rome. You want your clergy to speak English and not Latin so you can understand them (you may or may not speak Latin).
  • You may or may not be well educated. The leaders of the movement were probably well educated. The common folk amongst the movement were not.
  • You eschew the trappings of wealth, especially amongst the clergy. You probably dress modestly and expect those around you to do the same.
  • You may or may not be literate.
  • You have some good friends in Bohemia who came to visit last summer but were dreadfully hard to understand as you didn't speak their language. They did leave you several large pots of sauerkraut however, which you're still wondering what to do with, and brought with them an enormous supply of beer.