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The Kingdom of Lochac comprises all SCA groups in Australia and New Zealand (as of Lochac May Crown, 2003).

The Australian groups were previously the Principality of Lochac, part of the Kingdom of the West. The New Zealand groups were formerly part of the Kingdom of Caid.

The name Lochac comes from the writings of Marco Polo, where he catalogs the lands to the south. Lochac is described as a land south of Java with a sovereign king. Late sixteenth century maps can be found with Luchac, Beach and Maletur forming part of a large mainland area in the position of Western Australia.

When the SCA groups in a region fulfill certain criteria (as specified by Corpora), they can become a kingdom, provided sufficient members wish to do so. This occurred in Australia in July 2002.

Lochac's Crown tournaments occur during May and November, and Coronations occur in January (12th Night) and July (Midwinter). See bidding for a crown event if you or your group is interested in hosting one of these events.

As of July 2004, the seneschal of the Kingdom of Lochac is Delbert von Strassburg and the King and Queen are Draco and Serena.

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