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External link: [http://www.atlantia.sca.org Kingdom of Atlantia]
External link: [http://www.atlantia.sca.org Kingdom of Atlantia]
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[[Category:Kingdoms (SCA)|Atlantia]]
[[Category:Kingdoms (SCA)|Atlantia]]

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The Kingdom of Atlantia covers the American states of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and part of Georgia.

Atlantia became a Principality of the Kingdom of the East in A.S. XII. Having gained the right to become an independent Kingdom, the first Crown Tourney was won by Michael of Bedford, who was at that time King of the East. Atlantia became a Kingdom in May, A.S. XVI (1981) and Michael was crowned as Atlantia's first King by his successor to the Kingdom of the East, Sigfried.

External link: Kingdom of Atlantia

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