Henry III

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This is the page for Henry III, King of England.
You may be looking for Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor.

Henry III ruled England from 1216-1272. Ascending the throne as a boy, his first regent was the famous William Marshall, who saw King and realm through the invasion, by France, which had begun in the latter days of King John. It was not until the Treaty of Lambeth in 1217 that Henry was undisputed king. While he ultimately was on the throne for 56 years, his reign was marked by failed military campaigns, political strife, and financial mismanagement. He was temporarily dethroned by Simon de Montfort but later regained power with the help of his son, Edward I, "Longshanks".

Source: Britannia

Preceded by:
John Lackland

English Monarchs

Succeeded by:
Edward I