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The Grant of Arms (GoA) is an SCA society level award with a rank between that of a Patent of Arms and an Award of Arms. Some awards automatically confer a Grant of Arms upon their award. These are known as grant level awards. A Grant of Arms may be awarded on its own or as part of a grant level award; which form is more common varies a lot from Kingdom to Kingdom.

The arms of the recipient may be displayed with a Heraldic achievement, including their arms. In some Kingdoms, the style of the crest is specified in Kingdom law. For example, in Caid, the device of someone with a GoA may be augmented with a a non-metallic black or steel-grey helmet.

Although not formally approved by the Laurel Sovereign of Arms because there is no evidence of its use in period, this award may, by custom, convey the title of Lordship or Ladyship or The Honorable Lord/Lady; however, these titles are used more frequently in some Kingdoms than in others. When writing, the title is often abbreviated as THL, as in "THL Jack Grantholder."

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