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In brief:

  • yes, you too can edit pages!
  • want to experiment without stuffing up anything? - try the sandbox
  • how do I edit pages? - read the guide: Editing pages
  • remember we have copyright rules


What can I write about?

Like they say, write what you know. The main page says Cunnan is all about "information for re-enactors of the Middle Ages and Renaissance with a heavy slant towards members of the SCA". If it's useful for re-enactors, write away! This is often explanations of rare words, descriptions of how things were viewed in the medieval world, short medieval histories of people and places, or advice on how to recreate an aspect of history. But don't stop there!

But I don't know any history or stuff, what else can I write about

You could write about experiences, words and practises found in the SCA and other reenactment groups. Also you could pick a random unwritten page on a medieval topic, read a few other good webpages or a few pages of a book on the topic, and give a 3 sentence summary of their content and a link to the pages consulted. You can always ask someone local to you to describe a topic and type in what they say (acknowledging their contribution helps). You'll find out new information,and we will too when you write it here.

Or you can help by correcting our spelling, adding links and generally tidying up the content of the wiki.

Can I write a page about my favourite peer?

Various SCA personas are mentioned throughout Cunnan. However, the Cunnan policy on pages for personas is that only those that have made a really significant effect on the SCA, its kingdoms or Cunnan warrant a page about themselves. Being King or Queen or a peer often won't be enough. A good example is Cariadoc of the Bow. See category:people (SCA) for other pages.

However, if you are an editor, then you can write a small page about yourself at [[User:USERNAME]].

How can I ask for help?

Write a note on the village pump is often quickest and best, or other wise you could email admins. The admins can be found at Special:Listadmins.

I want to move a page or do other tricky stuff

Some features are just hidden a bit - take a better look at what options are available under special pages in the toolbox on the left of your screen (you may need to scroll down a bit).

There are a lot more things you can do that are hidden here. But some features such as moving and deleting pages have been restricted to loggged in users, other to admins. This is because we don't want every spammer or vandal who turns up to be able to destroy the wiki (it can be brought back but that's a lot of time that could be spent adding content instead). Stick around for a while, contributing articles and you'll probably get your acess level increased. In the meantime, leave a note in the village pump saying which page you wanted to move or what else you wanted to do and why (briefly) and the next person with suitable acess will probably fix it for you.