Csikós Ló

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The Household of Csikós Ló is a service and philanthropy-based SCA Household which was started by The Honorable Lord Sov᮹ Barcsi Jᮯs when he was squire of the body to Sir Alrick von Baeker and Lord Lieutenant of the Household of Adlersburg to help organize Jᮯs's men-at-arms and other followers. Over the years it has gradually diminished in size, until about 1999, when it consisted of only Lord Jᮯs and his immediate family. Others are welcome to join if they are (1) in the area where he lives, (2) Latter-Day Saints, and (3) honorable people.

The Household has for several years sponsored a membership scholarship in the SCA. In this scholarship, those who wish to participate must write an article on a heraldic subject and publish it in accordance with the rules of the scholarship. The winner receives a one-year membership in the SCA.