Canton of St. Georges

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Canton of St George's
Or, a stag's head erased gules within a laurel wreath vert, in base three barrulets wavy azure.
Founded: A.S. XXXII
In Kingdom: Atlantia
Seneschal: Lord Brandon Caiside
Modern location
Anderson, Pickens and Oconee counties, South Carolina, USA.

The Canton of St. George's is an SCA canton in the Kingdom of Atlantia formed on the western side of the state of South Carolina. It includes the counties of Anderson, Pickens and Oconee in the Barony of Nottinghill Coill.

The Canton's borders also includes two large colleges, those of Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina as well as Southern Methodist University in Central, South Carolina

St George's was founded in November, 1997 (A.S. XXXII), received its Incipient status in the summer of 1998 (A.S. XXXIII) and was elevated to full Canton status on November 03, 1999 (A.S. XXXIV).

St George's currently hosts two yearly events: Yule Toy Tourney and WOPP (War Orphans Pity Party).