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What roles must be filled to run Canterbury Faire?

This is a bit of a tricky question. Many of these roles can be filled by the same person, if there is someone willing, and it is perfectly possible to combine a number of these. With that said, the following tasks must all have someone in charge of them:

  • Strategic planning (incl. pricing, making firm bookings for marquee, hay etc)

This should ideally be handled by a steward, and as early as possible so that all parties know where the bookings are at.

  • Bookings and communications

As someone who has been the booking steward, and who has been a co-steward I strongly recommend having a single point of contact for all bookings. We now have a address. Using a central communication point makes it possible for someone to keep whatever booking system up to date.

  • Meal plan

There is potential to split this job into discrete portions, but the meal plan coordinator is probably the most important staff member you will need for a successful Canterbury Faire. Full details should be at CF_Mealplan

  • Feast

Head cook for ~120 people (actual limit may be able to be varied slightly.) Full details should be found at CF_Feast

  • Logistics/transport – gear

The logistics to site from the baronial lockup is the hardest part these days.

  • Logistics/transport - food

We can almost completely avoid a need to transport food now that we are getting deliveries via Bidvest. There has been a need to buy some food from Countdown, and there may be a need to move pre-bought Feast food out to fight, but we hope to require less transport of food since a Countdown is due to open in Amberley before CF2015.

  • Marshal in Charge

Given the size of the event, and the need to have marshals for each discipline, I recommend putting each discipline in charge of its own marshalls, but they will need to be arranged by someone. Maximilian von Monsterberg (talk) 21:22, 27 January 2014 (EST)

  • Herald in Charge

Often this can be delegated to the Baronial Herald, but it must be confirmed.

  • Day steward

If there won't be a steward available in case of emergencies, then there will need to be someone delegated as a day steward. If you need a day off, then use them.

  • Night steward

Delegating someone to be in charge of anything that comes up at night is absolutely necessary. Master Bernard Sterling has been happy to fill this role in recent years.

  • A&S – workshops, display

The Baronial A&S officer may be happy to coordinate this role. Full information at CF_A&S

  • Children's activites coordinator

Lady Chiperka will probably volunteer to fill this role. Due to the length of the event, and the number of things happening, having a dedicated person in charge of children's activities scheduling will greatly assist the smooth running of the event.

  • B&B will typically take care of Court and Royal/visiting-Baronage liaison. For many reasons, they will want to know who is coming, early and often.

Roles usually staffed by Baronial Officers

  • Heavy Combat
  • Archery
  • Rapier
  • War
  • Lists
  • Pack up
  • Storage – including someone specific for final check-in and tidy
  • Security (if not Constable) – gates, dealing with problems
  • T Shirt design and production (Also Tote-bag production, the same place will handle it)

On-site Staff

  • Gate

Gate will probably want to be a restricted chore, or a chore assigned to at least 2 people. See further at CF_Gate

  • Feast Servers

Having at least some experienced feast servers will help the event run smoothly. It would be ideal to have people get experience at smaller events, and you may want to assign these chores in advance.

  • Dedicated Packdown - Storage Container

If we want to ensure best use of space in the storage container, we'll need to have someone out there, to catalogue what is going in, make sure it is labelled correctly, and place it in the container for best use of space. Recommendation from CF2014 team is to take Lord Bjorn up on his offer to do this, and allocate 3 chore slots as packing down Bjorn's belongings on the Sunday of Faire.

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