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This is a page for core discussion of the mealplan at Canterbury Faire.

Why does CF have a central food fund?

The central meal-plan at Canterbury Faire is provided to make attending the event as easy as possible for far travellers, or anyone without an established household to eat with.

Who uses the central food fund at CF?

There are ~110 mealplan bookings each year.
75% of Australians attending CF use the meal plan.
50% of New Zealanders attending CF use the meal plan. In particular, meal plan take up is higher amongst those travelling from further afield.
(Further analysis to be added here)

What meals are provided?

Breakfasts are provided free to all attendees of Canterbury Faire as part of their event fees.
Lunches & Dinners are available to people that prebooked and asked for provided meals.

Future Considerations

What is the practical maximum size of the CF Mealplan as a central food fund?
In what ways is this constrained by the kitchen facilities of the current site?
In what ways can we supplement these facilities, what are the cut offs that would require this, and what could we do to support alternatives if required?

Everything else goes here