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Bugle (instrument)

Bugle horn.jpg

A bugle is a horn instrument. It is a Middle English term that is the same as the Old English word for a type of buffalo or cow.

When used as a warhorn it can mean either "here comes fun!" or "I'm coming to kill you" (or both) depending on the context. Otherwise defined as an ear-splitting good time.

The bugles commonly called "cavalry bugles", because that's what they come with, have no keys and can only play 4ths and 8ths. Forinstance, A B flat bugle can only play B flats and Fs, though of many octaves.

Modern bugles are keyed and also called Kent Bugles.

Bugle (heraldry)

A bugle-horn used as a heraldic charge is always depicted as a medieval-style warhorn hanging from a short ribbon. If the ribbon is a different colour from the horn itself, the tincture must be noted in the blazon.

Bugle (herb)

Bugle or bugleweed is a member of the mint family.